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May 25, 2011 / littlebuddhabelly

Tao Tao Noodle Bar

Saw their ad on Colorado Chinese News and figured I’d give them a try. Overall I’d say it’s pretty good. Especially there are not a lot of good Chinese restaurant around this area, I think this is a GREAT addition to the hood.

Appetizer: Minced Pork with Rice
The portion is actually bigger than I expected for $3.95. I probably could’ve eaten that as my entrée. Good meat/mushroom/rice ratio. Taste awesome, not too salty, which is a common mistake with this dish.

Photo courtesy of Stephen Cummings, Orange Eye Photography LLC

Entrée for me: Beef Noodle Soup
It was HUGE! You can definitely share it among two people… I had to try this popular Taiwanese dish. The soup was awesome, again, not too salty. Noodle texture was just right, not too soggy (worst thing that can happen to noodles). The beef pieces in there were nice and tender, not too fatty, which is probably how they kept the soup base to not be too greasy.

Photo courtesy of Stephen Cummings, Orange Eye Photography LLC

Entrée for my boyfriend: Happy Family
I know I know, how cliché. He wanted it so what was I gonna do. They don’t have their lunch specials on weekends so this is actually their dinner size. Good amount of chicken, beef, and shrimp in there, unlike some other places that will just fill the plate with veggies. The shrimps were huge too, not sad-looking ones.

Photo courtesy of Stephen Cummings, Orange Eye Photography LLC

It’s pretty reasonably priced for the amount of food they give you. This is definitely a restaurant that I’d go back to again. If you feel adventurous one of these days, make sure to get over to Aurora and check out Tao Tao Noodle Bar.

Tao Tao Noodle Bar
Address: 10400 E 6th Avenue Aurora, Colorado 80010
Phone: (303) 366-1761
Fax: (303) 367-1293
Business Hours: Daily 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. except closed Tuesdays

April 29, 2011 / littlebuddhabelly

Costco – Fast, Cheap, Good

I’m lucky enough to always live within 2 miles radius of a Costco (or maybe I subconsciously put “Costco” as one of my house searching criteria).  I know, I know, Costco isn’t what comes to mind for dinner or lunch.  But where else can you get a hot dog AND a soda for $2, or a slice of pizza for $1.99?  It’s not the best food I’ve ever eaten, but come on, who complains about a $2 slice of pizza.  What impress me about Costco is not just their price, but also their constant improvements.  From only have Chicken Caesar Salad and hot dog, to pizza and ice cream (swirl!), and now carne asada?  Oh and let’s not forget their giant churros….  Appetizer, drink, entree, and dessert, all for less than $10 per person.  Little secret, you don’t have to be a Costco member to buy stuff from their food court!

If you don’t feel like being totally lazy, you can walk on over (with your membership) to their food department.  Just follow the mouth watering smell of roast chicken and you’ll find it.  $4.99 get you a whole roasted chicken.  Once in a while, I like to pretend I can cook and buy their pre-made stuff.  Chicken pot pie, chicken alfredo, cocktail lime shrimp, etc.  etc.  The Costco by where I live even starts carrying….. wait for it….. Bulgogi!  Genius!

So go on down and check out Costco if you want something fast, cheap, and good.  And in case you can’t tell by now.  I HEART Costco~  =)

April 24, 2011 / littlebuddhabelly

Random Dinner

In case you think I am exaggerating what a bad cook I am, here’s proof.  Dinner for the night = roasted brussels sprouts (a little burnt), steamed mixed veggie and brussels sprouts, enoki mushroom wrapped in beef, and salmon sashimi with ponzu sauce and sweet onion.

This is one of the healthiest meal we’ve cooked probably ever.  The sashimi was a success, it tasted similar to the dish at Yanagi back in Hawaii, good enough!  My beef and enoki wasn’t the best, it didn’t even look appetizing but I promise it tasted better than it looks.  The rest are just kinda boring.

That’s it.  Until next exciting meal…

April 24, 2011 / littlebuddhabelly

Welcome to Little Buddha Belly~

Hello everyone, Charmaine here.  I’m not a food critic, I’m not a travel blogger, and oh god I’m a terrible cook.  All I do, is EAT.  Fast food, ethnic food, fancy food, dessert, appetizers, lunch, brunch, supper, high tea, breakfast (frequently missed), healthy food, random street vendors, etc. etc.  Another thing I love to do, is take pictures of what I eat and post it on Facebook.  Enough people have asked me (and by enough it might have really been only 2) why not start your own blog?  You know what, why not?  So here it is, the birth of Little Buddha Belly.

Why name the blog Little Buddha Belly you might ask…  Have you walked by an Asian store/restaurant, or a casino, where there’s this fat Buddha sitting there with a huge belly and smile on his face?  Well that’s kinda how I feel like after a good meal.  Smaller belly, just a huge a smile, all satisfied.

A couple of disclaimer…

  1. What I say in my blog is just personal opinion.  You can disagree and leave me a message, but I might not really care about what you say.  Or you might change my mind.
  2. This isn’t a business, just something I do for fun on the side, and I have been told I can be inappropriate at times.  If you take this too seriously, you’re reading the wrong blog.
  3. Although most blog entries will be about eating, I might sneak an entry or two once in a while about something else.  Any questions, refer to #2.
  4. I live in Denver, most food I’m eating will be around Denver.  Once in a while I get lucky and get to go on vacation, then I’ll write about some random place I’ve eaten at wherever I visited.
  5. People make mistakes, and that includes grammatical and spelling mistakes.  Don’t make fun, just tell me, and I’ll change it so I sound less like an idiot.
  6. If I go to a restaurant I’ll try and rate them with 3 things.  Yummy Factor, Value, and LBB List.  Yummy factor is obviously how good the food taste.  Value is the value of the restaurant.  For example, food could be mediocre, but super cheap, hence decent value.   LBB List is the Little Buddha Belly list, a list of restaurants that I think are awesome and worth frequent visiting.

Enough babbling, now let’s eat!


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